New moon in Aries

Cut losses if there is no other way to move forward. Follow the leadership of the experts who have the right experience. Keep certain key information between a trusted few for now.

The new moon in Aries revs the engines of those chomping at the bit. Continue on a tried and true path for the most part when expecting the same results.

Stay within the legal bounds or protocols that are required. Discuss alternate locations if they would work out better.

Romantic relationships heat up. Decide how far you want to go with it.

ARIES: You can get everyone going without firing the starter pistol. Just show them how it is done now.

TAURUS: Collect on promises or benefits from the past. Their value has increased since then. Settle.

GEMINI: Brainstorm with those who have the influence or funding to move your agenda forward.

CANCER: Career opportunities open doors for you or allow you back in. Make choices that suit you.

LEO: Decide between personal or work responsibilities. Let others share the load if they are willing.

VIRGO: You receive additional support, financial or otherwise. Your position is more secure. Relax.

LIBRA: Negotiate terms that you feel you deserve; supply the necessary details. Pin the distracted.

SCORPIO: You can be the force behind change. Locations or base of operations will be affected.

SAGITTARIUS: Those in positions of influence have a say with finances or assets. Patience pays.

CAPRICORN: You are key to the base or foundation that makes others more secure. Be strong.

AQUARIUS: Communications are important to eventual results, near or far. Keep this confidential.

PISCES: You feel lucky and you are as you come out the winner in any deals or other competitions.

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