Horoscope: March 19-25

Overview for all signs

Speak softly, using as much charm as possible to bring everyone together; a catered breakfast meeting works wonders for both sides.

Plans or projects can be launched or moved along. Creative inspiration will pull some out of the doldrums or writers block. Paint a picture with words or by other means.

Relationships have increased magnetic pull bringing them closer and feeling connected. Decide if there is a future for you.

Sudden change in goals or direction cause some to move or relocate.

Certain communications break off as secrets come out. Don’t let resentments stall things.

Sales or auctions have some success. Expand business into a wider net or distance.

ARIES: You attempt to make a play that gives you the upper have. Others are equal players; be careful.

TAURUS: You have support from behind the scenes or from an unusual source. Use regulations to gain.

GEMINI: Your ability to spin is magical. A shift of focus will buy some time for your real plans to unfold.

CANCER: Exchanges with bosses or authority figures may look like a competition of sorts. All can win.

LEO: Plans change regarding travel or location matters. Do what is necessary to get around obstacles.

VIRGO: Look at the past or your track record for the best way to move forward. Others will help with it.

LIBRA: Moves affect you or those you are concerned about. There is a sense of urgency. Make choices.

SCORPIO: Intense discussions bring out covert plans or ideas where they can be handled or cancelled.

SAGITTARIUS: Think on your feet and wheel and deal on the fly. You are able to adapt to circumstance.

CAPRICORN: Speculation has an effect on the pecking order. Play along until you know how it will go.

AQUARIUS: Wording will be important as a show of strength or solidarity. Connect over distance now.

PISCES: Others look to you for leadership or the final word. Influential associates will be helpful. Call.

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