Watch for theatrics, Pisces

The solar eclipse in Pisces starts the week off on high emotional waves; Neptune is adding theatre to situations.

Seek clarity, looking past illusion or alternate facts as they roll out. Prepare for a launch or start date while keeping your avenues open. It’s time to set sail.

Be cautious if conditions seem unstable. Be prepared for anything unexpected as some shoot from the hip or threaten. Rein in impulsive behaviour before it becomes a bigger problem.

Deploy force in a measured way. Some hang on to idealistic beliefs ahead of practicality. A break point causes energy to shift. Use charm to enhance negotiations, personal or business.

Get together to chat.

ARIES: Soft-peddle talks or negotiations so others don’t feel they are being controlled or shut out now.

TAURUS: Re-connect with those of like mind or ambition. You can support each other in winning ways.

GEMINI: You wear more than one hat when it comes to your position. Lay out clearer communications.

CANCER: Expectations are high. Those you count on may not have the ability to fulfill all the promises.

LEO: Sudden meetings may connect you to the past or forgotten. Pick a location to get together now.

VIRGO: Discuss your needs with those who have your best interests at heart. Make the arrangements.

LIBRA: Decisions affect your personal or work life or both. Be prepared to adapt to any or all changes.

SCORPIO: You are lucky this week and can pull rank where needed. The way is paved or opened up.

SAGITTARIUS: Make choices or changes connected to homes or properties. Negotiate conditions.

CAPRICORN: Others pay attention to what you have to say or demonstrate. You are valued by them.

AQUARIUS: Long-distance matters affect finances or assets. Keep some of the details between you.

PISCES: The new moon in your sign heightens your intuition. Use your instincts to make some gains.

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