Horoscope: Feb. 12-18

Overview for all signs

Feelings slosh back and forth; take your time to stand on a position that you are more sure of.

There has to be a solid base to build on for eventual success. Analyze input from all sides to strike a balance.

Follow tried and true policies or actions that make everyone relax about the direction things are going in.

Intuitive flashes help with making choices or easing worries. Avoid being influenced by others doubts; they may not have all the facts.

Attend meetings or brainstorm with associates.

Some are still looking for the right location to live or work. Relationship interests change, some will be temporary.

Love needs careful assessment to see that needs are met for both.

ARIES: Hitch your wagon to those who have influence in areas of mutual interest. You share the gains.

TAURUS: Behind the scenes support gets you to the finish line. Complete papers or other documents.

GEMINI: You act in a commanding manner using words that give direction to those who need to trust.

CANCER: Your talents are applauded or showcased in ways that make you feel confident in promises.

LEO: Holidays or other travels can, like a dream, come true. Relationships grow in cozy environments.

VIRGO: Others are more supportive than expected. Your future is secured by special arrangements.

LIBRA: Magical moments are shared. Relationship plans advance to the next or final stage. Its good.

SCORPIO: You are a rising star and would succeed in any competitions. Others make way for you.

SAGITTARIUS: You have luck with the unexpected this week. Private deals or arrangements work.

CAPRICORN: Your stable, steady dedication is appreciated by those who count. Conditions improve.

AQUARIUS: Your words have a calming effect on others who need reassurance. Get together now.

PISCES: You get the backing or financing you need to pull a plan together. All involved will benefit.

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