Horoscope: Jan. 22-28

Overview for all signs

Some dig their heels in as the week begins. Decisions need to be made by choice or not.

Gather what you require to get organized. Focus on your goals in a positive way to get ahead. Dodge or eliminate obstacles.

Presentations or persuasion will be key to success. Speak softly, but firmly. This makes others feel more secure and willing to follow along. Many need reassurance at this time, personally or in business.

A shift in attitude or behaviour changes things up a bit or shakes the status quo. Seek new opportunities if you are ready to move on. Get additional training if required.

The new moon is Friday. The Year of the Rooster begins Saturday. Step out.

ARIES: Seek closure in areas that are not productive toward your greater ambitions. Shake hands. Settle.

TAURUS: Further talks or negotiations may be needed before you get the final results you are hoping for.

GEMINI: Others try to caution you or put the brakes on what you want to do. Consider long-term fall out.

CANCER: Consider private arrangements with key individuals to get around stalls or other delays. Wait.

LEO: Drop any hot potatoes and move to a different venue that allows you to do what you really want to.

VIRGO: A shift in activity or circumstance will affect choices you make or moves you will be considering.

LIBRA: Let others show their intentions before you get into the mix. You seek a new transition of sorts.

SCORPIO: Meet with key individuals in private. Put your heads together for a plan that moves forward.

SAGITTARIUS: Make choices regarding home or living situation for yourself or others. Look at options.

CAPRICORN: Less is more when stating your opinion. Others may not be ready to adjust to it just yet.

AQUARIUS: The new moon in your sign encourages you to make changes. You break from tradition.

PISCES: You take on more responsibility or a leadership role. Your wise words sway any doubters now.

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