Horoscope: Jan. 8-14

Overview for all signs

Mercury resumes forward motion as the week begins; it’s a go signal for all matters that have been waiting in the wings.

Decisions can be made and papers signed. Some unexpected or unpredictable activity will catch those who are unprepared off guard.

Be vigilant no matter how soft the wording is between those involved.

A show of force is subtle, but firm where needed. This occurs domestically or internationally. Major decisions regarding moves or other locations changes will be beneficial.

The full moon will influence choices emotionally. There is a desire to feel settled or at home.

Love will blossom in cozy environments. Make future plans together.

ARIES: Sudden changes of status may be by choice or not, but it does seem inevitable. Stay focused.

TAURUS: Contact over distance relates to matters that need to be settled or changed. Discuss details.

GEMINI: Those connected to your past come forward. They want involvement or influence over you.

CANCER: Expectations are different from what will actually occur. Work or relationships are affected.

LEO: Travel plans could change suddenly so be prepared to adapt. It can still turn out the way you like.

VIRGO: Only confide in those you trust. Changes are underway, but need careful handling to succeed.

LIBRA: Changes of position or stepping up the ladder of success may require you to pick a location.

SCORPIO: You make decisions that catch others off guard. In any case, they do trust your judgment.

SAGITTARIUS: Your steady hand on the helm makes others feel more secure about the end results.

CAPRICORN: Private talks with those in power will give you the heads up about important changes.

AQUARIUS: Behind the scenes matters will benefit you financially. Follow a secure path to collect.

PISCES: Information comes out regarding who has final say on important matters. Sign off duties.

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