Horoscope: Jan. 1-7

Overview for all signs

Sift through the niceties of any speeches or declarations to get to the truth or real meaning behind them.

Certain individuals have alternate agendas off the grid. Some will actually lie with a straight face. Dig into mysterious or secret event; further investigation is helpful in getting to the facts.

Avoid anything that would impair your function, especially when driving.

Gossip can point a finger to where evidence might be; it's worth looking at.

Personal connections develop into a business relationship; keep ties loose. Get together socially to compare notes and hammer out the details.

A common goal helps blend egos while cooling dictatorial power struggles; it's intense.

ARIES: Meeting in secret to discuss plans will be important to how they eventually unfold, and where.

TAURUS: Pay attention to details and the influence of the past on future events. Balance is delicate.

GEMINI: Others see you as some sort of magician as your words or actions sway decisions or events.

CANCER: Travel plans are covert in nature so there will not be interference from those trying to disrupt.

LEO: Take investigations to a deeper level and gains will be made. Proceed from a different angle now.

VIRGO: Private arrangements work out best for all involved at this point. There will be later adjustments.

LIBRA: Pay attention to what is being said or shared. Those spinning lies may be the ones who lose out.

SCORPIO: Enjoy yourself without over-indulging as long as you are careful with the company you keep.

SAGITTARIUS: Play your cards close to the vest until it's time to bring your plans forward. Go around blocks.

CAPRICORN: Others look to you for leadership; you are a natural. A warm, friendly manner will work.

AQUARIUS: Investments or speculation pay off for you. Proceed with caution to protect the details.

PISCES: Your influence on others is hypnotic. Those with power or clout will back up your methods.

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