Christmas horoscope

Overview for all signs: Dec. 25-31

Many are feeling optimistic over the holidays as visits or contact is enlightening.

Special memories will be made or reviewed. Relationship chats reach a clearer point of communication or intent regarding levels of commitment for the future.

Situations become more relaxed all round. In any case, enjoy your time together.

Plans need to be along a secure path now, whichever works. A break point is reached on Monday. It can be more freedom for some or a change of circumstance for others.

Surprises are likely, personally, domestically or internationally; wishes can come true.

New moon is Thursday highlighting beginnings.

Happy holidays and safe travels to all.

ARIES: You can be the one who is picked or approved over others. It’s the place you like to be always.

TAURUS: Circumstances ease and you don’t have to worry about end results. Others are more helpful.

GEMINI: Confidential talks or arrangements keep you in the drivers seat. Some details need privacy.

CANCER: Agreements turn out differently than expected as you try to pin down the details. Others assist.

LEO: Meet with others to go over details or check information. You have a window of opportunity open.

VIRGO: You have backing where you need it and your situation will be improved. Follow arrangements.

LIBRA: Wheeling and dealing affects locations of home or business for yourself or others connected.

SCORPIO: Promote your ideas or lay out a plan that others can run with. Shake up the status quo.

SAGITTARIUS: Evaluate financial status or assets now. Changes or improvements will work out fine.

CAPRICORN: You have a certain amount of influence even if you don’t have the title of boss. It’s OK.

AQUARIUS: A lot goes on behind the scenes. Protect details until the time is right for full disclosure.

PISCES: Your talents as a front person are applauded by those not wanting to take on responsibility.

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