Horoscope: Dec. 18-24

Overview for all signs

As mercury turns retrograde on Monday, energies shift.

Take the time to look things over before signing anything or making long-term commitments that you can’t get out of if you need to; situations are subject to change for the next three weeks.

It is a time to sell, replace or have repairs done. Take extra care while travelling, making sure all equipment or vehicles are in good working condition.

Review your hopes and wishes for the future and where you want to be and with who. Relationships will likely be affected on personal or business levels.

Pleasant negotiations will be important during this period as some are confused or edgy. Handle everything calmly for best results.

ARIES: Negotiate terms or be willing to accept a package. Other avenues open up for your consideration.

TAURUS: Look at the value of what you have and if you want to convert anything. Sell items not needed.

GEMINI: Your social connections can blossom into something more. Explore personal or business choices.

CANCER: Recoup where you can financially or with assets. Settlements may need the help or others.

LEO: Being lighthearted is the best way to influence things in a positive direction on all levels for now.

VIRGO: You will have more choices of where you want to be and what you want to be doing. Arrange it.

LIBRA: Think big or lay out a plan that makes you feel like you are on the right path. Relax into it easily.

SCORPIO: Gather those around you who give you support and are on the same page and brainstorm.

SAGITTARIUS: Those in positions of power or authority will help you with organizing important details.

CAPRICORN: You have behind-the-scenes support where it counts. Proceed on the path well known.

AQUARIUS: Connections over distance lead to travel plans or preparing for company. Get the details.

PISCES: You have new or better ideas that would bring success for you or others who are involved.

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