Horoscope: Nov. 20-26

Overview for all signs:

Get together with like-minded individuals for mutual support or just the enjoyment of their company. 

Intuitive ideas and thoughts grow more intense and mix with brainstorming; arrive at a plan by Tuesday. 

Reach across the isle at home or abroad. This will enhance relations on various levels as each has something to offer. 

Agreements should be reached behind closed doors before being presented; key individuals need to be on the same page. 

Be very careful with fact checking. Get large moves underway by the end of the month to avoid interference or delay. Work around restrictions or outdated laws. Passionate relationships create a ripple affect. 

Some plan to live together.

ARIES: Agreements with mate or partners shift. Decide who will let the other take the lead or responsibility.

TAURUS: Decide where you want to be and how soon. It could come down to issues of finance and assets.

GEMINI: Discussions get closer to who is responsible in business or personal areas. Clouds of secrecy lift.

CANCER: Look at different jobs or occupations if you see the handwriting on the wall with current situations.

LEO: Check all the facts with what others are trying to promote. It could require more than you want to give.

VIRGO: Negotiate financials or whether a move is needed. It all comes down to viable circumstances now.

LIBRA: Making major changes would be worthwhile, especially when it comes to security for you or others.

SCORPIO: Keep important talks behind closed doors for awhile. There needs to be further negotiations.

SAGITTARIUS: Make decisions on others' behalf. There will be powerful support for this. Sort finances.

CAPRICORN: You attract attention or strong feelings from others. Cement relationships or make choices.

AQUARIUS: Travel opportunities can be instigated by others. There would be official or other approval.

PISCES: Associates have confidence in you and seek to invest. You are seen as a major player of sorts.

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