Horoscope: Nov. 6-12

Overview for all signs

Lay out a serious, stable plan that can actually work for the long term. 

Correct areas that could be troublesome before they grow legs. Make sure all communications are clear. 

Those with natural leadership skills, experiences or talents step into top positions. Many will give a sigh of relief.

A lot of back room chatter won’t change any of the facts that are there for all to see. Shoulder responsibility in a dignified manner on any level that requires it. 

Reopen lines of dialogue that were left to drift; its time to pull things together. Verbal sparring seem like a game of sorts. 

The rules need to be fair for all as this would help to keep things moving along toward the finish line.

ARIES: Take the time to meet with others on their turf. The personal touch goes a long way with results.

TAURUS: Handle issues from the past in a way that all involved will be comfortable. Check documents.

GEMINI: Decide what you really want to do and how much your want to be responsible for. It will count.

CANCER: Power struggles pit past expectations against future ones. There are adjustments to be made.

LEO: Look at who you really want around you and if location is part of the issue. Compare notes or info.

VIRGO: Organize your surroundings to enhance function or comfort. Let others know your expectations.

LIBRA: You shine in areas needing compromise as you have a natural ability to be a mediator or boss.

SCORPIO: You are the star on the stage of life in areas where you feel comfortable. Take responsibility.

SAGITTARIUS: You have power or control behind the scenes. Step-by-step events unfold naturally now.

CAPRICORN: Others look to you for leadership as they see how capable you are. Guard the bottom-line.

AQUARIUS: You stand your ground while dealing with variable circumstances. Pull it all together easily.

PISCES: Others want to be on your good side when it comes to future involvement. Negotiate with them.

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