Horoscope: Oct. 30-Nov. 5

Overview for all signs

The week begins with many putting a different spin on things; they have their own realities.

Some of these will be quite creative. Enjoy the entertaining parts, but look for solid footing before going forward. Go deeper into the spiritual meaning of what is really going on.

The new moon adds intensity to agreements. Pull the funds together to achieve important goals that would benefit all involved. Communications over distance will bear fruit as well.

There is a general feeling of optimism about the results. Investigations produce evidence. Respected individuals will be applauded or emulated.

A new or unconventional approach works out personally or in business. Cruise.

ARIES: You have the ability to pull a rabbit out of the hat. You are seen as a marketing genius; use it.

TAURUS: Special arrangements have an air of confidentiality now. Pull the past and future together.

GEMINI: Negotiations influence job or career aspirations for you or others. Adjust the pecking order.

CANCER: Situations change and adjustments need to be made quickly. A new approach will work.

LEO: You will have added luck with homes, properties or investments etc. This affects person or business.

VIRGO: Others speak well of you or offer their assistance. In any case, things are looking up now.

LIBRA: Your finances get a boost in large or small ways. Look at areas where you want to expand.

SCORPIO: You lay out your hopes and wishes in a charming way. Benefits come from all directions.

SAGITTARIUS: A lot goes on behind the scenes. Make necessary arrangements. Duties will change.

CAPRICORN: Take a position of command. Keep a lid on how things are proceeding in order to gain.

AQUARIUS: Career or status gets a boost near or far. Speak out or make a statement to get ahead.

PISCES: Others let you take the lead or the spotlight. They know this is the best way to manoeuvre.

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Heather has been involved in many missing persons cases and has diagnosed illnesses of over 100 people. She has taught and lectured in schools and colleges as well as at an institute in Germany. She has clients around the world. 

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