Horoscope: Oct. 9-15

Overview for all signs

Energies are mixed as the week begins. Get further explanations or have them put in writing for the purpose of clarity.

Values are on the table; settle areas of contention. Agreements can be reached by Tuesday as optimism is in the air.

Some are inspired to look at other options that seem promising. Those going through separations should not sweat the small stuff. There is a law of compensation in the universe to balance things out. 

The way words are used may seem confrontational. Count to 10 to give intentions a chance to show. Watch driving or use of tools or weapons etc.

Cooler heads need to be in charge before the full moon Saturday night. Avoid any upsets.

ARIES: Responsibilities or the pecking order shifts suddenly or unexpectedly. Settle points of contention.

TAURUS: Plan travels carefully for yourself or others to avoid delays or cancellations. Are you up to it?

GEMINI: You manoeuvre situations in a way that will provide more freedom or relief for you or others now.

CANCER: You seek a more stable or secure position regarding home or base of operations. Negotiate.

LEO: Package your words carefully as it could affect locations, personal or business. Take some time.

VIRGO: Arrange papers or documents in a way to maximize your gains now or for the long-term future.

LIBRA: Conditions or forced circumstances need careful handling. Moves can be long or shorter term.

SCORPIO: Hammer things out in private before bringing them forward. Control presentations yourself.

SAGITTARIUS: More than one agenda can work out with the same results. Streamline where possible.

CAPRICORN: Give direction or teach without stepping on any toes of authority figures. It all works out.

AQUARIUS: Events over distance may require your attention or personal appearance. Organize it all.

PISCES: Avoid financial shell games under the full moon this week. Some wiggle room is helpful now.

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