Horoscope: Oct. 2-8

Overview for all signs

Behind-the-scenes meetings will lead to more openness as the week unfolds.

Certain details need to be explained in ways that make them more acceptable. Some communications cause disruption or annoyance.

Change devices or upgrade them where necessary. Seek stability in business or personal areas or relationships.

Leaders show their true colours in diverse ways; in any case the public gets the message.

Feelings become more intense and decisions that need to be made will be affected; be sure. Some push harder than necessary or react negatively. Moves happen quickly.

Jealousy, frustration or control issues affect the eventual outcomes. Stall.

ARIES: You push ahead with your ambitious plans as you seek a higher rung on the ladder of success.

TAURUS: Matters related to distance require more effort than first expected. Proceed with caution.

GEMINI: Try to settle things in a way that will neutralize pressure or out-of-line expectations. Be calm.

CANCER: You seek agreements with those who affect home or property matters. Be more negotiable.

LEO: Avoid conversations that feel like power tripping. Guide it toward a humorous exchange now.

VIRGO: Stick to your guns regarding what you are worth or what future contributions will be.

LIBRA: Take a leadership role when it comes to decisions regarding home or base of operations.

SCORPIO: Draw on power sources behind the scenes who are willing to come forward when needed.

SAGITTARIUS: Hold the line by taking a practical approach on all fronts. Income source is improved.

CAPRICORN: Avoid reacting to others’ displays of ego. It will peter out when the focus changes now.

AQUARIUS: Intense negotiations can balance the scales regarding past matters. Do the paperwork.

PISCES: Compare notes with other successful titans to see how each had advanced their position.

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