Horoscope: Chill out!

Horoscope for June 19-25

Overview for all signs:

The energy from the full moon wanes by Monday, catch your breath and make plans for the long term. Harness emotions so organizing will be easier.

Those who are anxious or rebellious need to chill out. Drive carefully and avoid conflict or road rage. Some are looking for closure or the final word.

Decisions were not what was expected after all. Figure out how you will handle stalls or delays, there is always a reason for everything.

Unfounded gossip or speculation can divert things from the right track, so talk privately and check the details before taking action. Choices to stay or go should happen by midweek. Many jostle for position with a push/pull energy in the air.

ARIES: Keep a lid on things until it's safe to talk or release it. The final result will be different than hoped for.

TAURUS: The full moon highlights finances or shared assets. Check details to see where the benefit are.

GEMINI: You weave a spell that gets the deadwood to drop away. This affects personal or business deals.

CANCER: A lot goes on behind the scenes as your research allows you to find out certain information now.

LEO: Be careful with your equipment or data. Others try harder to get in to your private affairs or plans.

VIRGO: You are privy to secrets about others positions or status. Stay silent until it has been formalized.

LIBRA: You can blow the competition out of the water; stay on the same track that has gotten you this far.

SCORPIO: Intense negotiations go on over finances or other funding. You find out who is really on board.

SAGITTARIUS: Make decisions in personal or business areas that will improve your situation long term.

CAPRICORN: Pull strings behind the scenes and your organizational abilities will be showcased. Relax.

AQUARIUS:The past comes up for review and the results look good. Re-assess your present resources.

PISCES: The full moon shines on your career or reputation. Shuffle the deck with those connected to it.

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