Horoscope: Reality check

Horoscope: May 15 - 21



Reality checks will see some people question what they really believe in. Seek advice from those who give wise counsel. 

Prayer is helpful, as there is a greater plan even though its hard to see when there are problems to face. 

Some will consider moving or relocating, possibly over distance. Take time to check all the necessary details. Avoid acting on a whim.

Look at cost effective ways to help or barter to get ahead. Opportunity for change occurs by midweek. Pay attention to information from any media.

Surprise meetings can turn the tide in a different and more useful direction.

The full moon on Saturday highlights expectation of further freedoms; work with authorities.



There are alternate ways to fund your plans or projects. Unusual deals can be arranged that work.

Choices made this week can have long term effects, so make sure you weigh all the odds equally.

You have places to go or stay at minimal cost to you. Accept invitations for in or out of town now.

Change the way you communicate for best rests. Others are not sure of your base expectations. 

The tide turns in your favour due to unusual circumstances. The full moon brings you luck anyway.

Look at long term future plans as choices become more important regarding locations; choose.

You have some influence over behind the scenes matters. There are shared benefits to be had.

Private talks with power people make you feel more secure about the future. Organize funds. 

You demonstrate your leadership skills in impressive ways. Status or reputation is on the rise.

Be able to adapt quickly to changing situations or circumstances that involve others as well.

You have added benefits from others assets or resources. Recover or settle past matters. 

Unexpected meetings or connections produce positive plans that could benefit all involved now.

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