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Warning to all moose, fall is here…

He says:

Fall is definitely here - the chilly nights, the smells, the kids are back to school and the hunters are cleaning their rifles and buying licenses.

I did not grow up in the Okanagan, so fall here is not what I remember from my childhood. When fall arrives in Quebec, the forests turn into amazing palettes of oranges, reds, yellows and even some colors I have never seen before. I can recall living in St-Aimee-Des-Lacs a few years ago, a small town two hours north of Quebec City in an area well known for moose hunting. I was in shock to see so many of my employees asking for days off to go hunting.

Moose meat is really tasty, it is a dark red with a strong game taste. Last week, my friend who hunts every year here in the BC gave me a moose roast, and this coming Sunday this is what we are going to eat. At the Fairmont hotel where I worked, we had a great venison casserole and it was served with roasted fall vegetables. Oh yes, as a kid, fall was always announcing the return of sweet winter treats after a summer filled with ice cream. This pie is a very popular dessert all over the province of Quebec, every ant, uncle, cousin, mom and dad have a favorite recipe for this delectable simple super sweet dessert.

In today’s world of healthy food, it is always nice to have something to break away. I am giving you my dad’s recipe of Sugar Pie. You can guess what I am going to have with my moose roast!

She says:

Fall is the most sentimental season for me. I love the heat of summer and the luscious life it allows, but the snap of an autumn frost and the stark contrast of the colours before the white of winter is something to make you feel alive.

Here in the Okanagan I love the way the vineyards change to gold almost overnight, and the hedges become brush strokes of brilliance in the sunlight. Everywhere there is a special magic in autumn, and it is always different… in Quebec, I saw the whole world catch fire as the maples heralded the frost and the Northern Lights danced across the lake at night. In Banff, the grasses in the meadows turned a burnished gold and the elk began to bugle on crisp frosty mornings. Every place has its signature, and everyone’s schedule changes as Mother Nature adjusts.

I love sugar pie, and so I am looking forward to Sunday dinner. I have never eaten moose, so that will be an adventure. I am not a vegetarian, so I will try it, but I must admit I appreciate a hunter who shows his quarry a fair fight (although I understand moose are a fairly worthy adversary.) In Quebec, I showed my true urban roots when I was shocked and aghast at the moose head that appeared on the hood of a car in the employee parking lot… for a week! It made me think of Far Side cartoons and what might happen if the tables were turned.

Fall is a time to celebrate life. We had the last of the garden salad this week, and we will eat the first of the squash. As some things die out, others come in to fill the gap. Perhaps it is more poignant to celebrate when you know things may not be the same the next time you do so. It makes me want to breathe the air more fully, and take more pictures and savour the meals and the company.

Chef Martin’s Tip 31: Chicken Stock 101

So, you want to cook like a chef, well you have to learn to cook with stocks!

The one thing that really makes a meal better is chicken stock instead of water. Yes, of course you could use fake chicken powder, liquid or paste, but the result will taste fake too.

Take the time to make a great chicken stock. You could buy 2 or 3 chicken legs and for less than $5 there you have it.

To your chicken, add equal amounts of diced celery and onions then add half of carrots. Add water, around 4 cups per chicken leg. Don’t go put some funky spices in there - just thyme, bay leafs, parsley and a touch of white pepper.

Cook 1 to 2 hours, then strain the whole thing and cool down right away. You can freeze it in small amounts in ice cube trays or in Ziploc bags.

“No matter what happens in the kitchen, never apologize.”
(Julia Child, 1912-2004)

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