Getting Along With Your Computer

Spring Cleaning

Apr 20, 2006 / 5:30 am

Part 1 Now that Spring is officially here (the first Yard Waste Pickup has come and gone) it’s a good time to give your computer a cleaning, too. A good...

Keep The Email""s Coming

Apr 13, 2006 / 5:30 am

This week’s column is all about the email I’ve received over the past few weeks. Keep it coming! Please! I often learn something new when I get a new...

Updates Updates

Apr 6, 2006 / 5:30 am

The next “Patch Tuesday” is April 11. Look for another batch of critical Windows updates from Microsoft. If you use Windows XP, you can set up your computer...

Daylight Savings Time

Apr 2, 2006 / 6:30 am

Daylight Savings Time And Your Computer Spring forward! At last! The days are getting longer. This Sunday, April 2, marks the start of Daylight Saving Time....

Windows Tweaks

Mar 23, 2006 / 5:30 am

Way back in January I mentioned several things you can do to customize your Windows. We really just scratched the surface. Here are some more ways you can have...

Worth A Mention

Mar 16, 2006 / 5:30 am

There are several interesting items to pass along to you this week. None of them seems to merit a whole column, but each is worth a mention. More gadgets: Last...


Mar 2, 2006 / 5:30 am

There are many useful tools for diagnosing problems in Windows and fixing them. I have a USB Flash Drive crammed with useful tools…and with gadgets. Some are...

How To Uninstall

Feb 23, 2006 / 9:30 am

Recently a client installed a program on a Windows 98 machine that was meant for Windows XP. Not a whole lot bad happened, but the program wouldn’t work. She...

Olympic Torch Virus Hoax

Feb 16, 2006 / 5:30 am

There’s an email circulating this week warning about a virus supposedly contained in an email about the Olympic Torch. As is the case with so many of these...

Various Tips & Tricks

Feb 9, 2006 / 5:00 am

Thank you to everyone who sends along questions and comments. Here are a few I’d like to pass along. Alex wrote, “I tried [Mozilla Firefox] and I like it....

Set Your Windows Clock

Feb 2, 2006 / 5:30 am

Now is a very good time to make sure your anti-virus software is up to date and running on every computer you own. Why? Well, Microsoft has issued an advisory...

Instant Messaging

Jan 26, 2006 / 5:30 am

What’s your favourite instant messaging program? At its simplest, an instant messaging program is one that connects to the internet, opens up a window and...

Blocking Spam

Jan 18, 2006 / 10:38 am

If you’ve been following this column for awhile now, you know that you can install a free anti-virus program, a free firewall program, and free spyware...

Odds And Ends

Jan 11, 2006 / 11:25 am

This week we have a few, unrelated, short items for you. None of them really rates a column of its own, but all of them seem worthy of a mention. I hope...

Better Than New

Jan 7, 2006 / 9:32 am

So, did Santa bring you that new computer you asked for? Yes? Great! Now is a really good time to get your computer set up just the way you like it, and to...

XP Your Way

Jan 5, 2006 / 5:30 am

So you’re new to Windows XP? Or, maybe you’ve been working with Windows XP long enough to find some really confusing and annoying things you’d like to...

More Outlook Express Tips

Dec 22, 2005 / 10:48 am

Last week’s column led to more questions about Outlook Express. Now that you know how to create new folders and move messages to them, it should be easy to...

Getting Along With Your Computer

Dec 15, 2005 / 5:30 am

Keeping Email Under Control By Cate Eales Overflowing Inbox? If your email program takes a long time to start up, maybe it’s those 1,827 messages in your...

Getting Along With Your Computer

Dec 8, 2005 / 5:30 am

Happy Holidays By Cate Eales The holiday season is often about family visits. The post-holiday season for me is often about repairing someone’s computer that...

Getting Along With Your Computer

Dec 1, 2005 / 5:30 am

Missing In Action By Cate Eales Last week we talked about how to recover a missing Taskbar. This resulted in a flurry of correspondence asking about how to...