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The latest on Windows 10 Spring update, Gmail, and bike rides.

Windows 10 Spring Update

You might be asking yourself, “Where is it?”

It’s still rolling out despite several issues. If you want it now, visit: https://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/software-download/windows10 and run the Update Assistant to make sure your computer is good to go.

Meanwhile, it turns out the update is incompatible with some solid-state drives. The known incompatible drives are from Toshiba and Intel. Ironically, one type is the SSD in the new Surface Pro tablet.

Microsoft is working with Intel and Toshiba to correct the problem and eventually offer the update to those affected machines. To keep up to date, I suggest checking the Known Issues section here.

Feedback on the new Gmail

Last week, I mentioned that I was mildly disappointed that switching between Mail and Contacts wasn’t as easy as it used to be.

A reader named John offered three solutions:

  • If you have set up Shortcuts in Gmail just type G then C (even lower case)
  • Use Google Apps (upper right Menu block) and locate Contacts and move the Icon up to the top or where ever you want.
  • Don't like this one it takes 2 steps — Use the web and search "Contacts", works in Chrome and Opera browser, when signed in.

Hope that helps, I'm sure lots of others have more solutions.

That is totally great, and it’s going to make me learn about Gmail shortcuts, because I could not get that first tip to work for love or money. I’m going to study up.

The new Confidential Mode was missing from my Gmail. It showed up for me a few days later. And here’s what I learned:

While it’s tempting to describe this feature as “secure email,” it’s not all that secure. And it may or may not be email.

It allows you to set an expiration date on messages you send, and to restrict them from being forwarded, copied, or printed. You can require a passcode for validation, and you can revoke access to the email at any time before it expires.

That sounds more exciting than it is. What’s happening is the messages are stored (securely) on Google’s servers. The sender and intended recipients can access them, but hey. There’s still on Google’s servers.

The messages look like Gmail if you’re both using Gmail, but if your recipient uses something else, that message looks like what it is — a web page with a message on it.

Yes, it’s a password protected webpage, but it seems that you can copy that link and send it to someone else, granting them access to the message. Also, good grief, your recipient can take a screen shot. Adjust your privacy and security expectations as necessary!

Ride Don’t Hide fundraising progress

Hurray! The weather improved so I could do a few bike rides! I’m looking forward to riding on June 24 to help raise money for the Canadian Mental Health Association. Would you like to help?

More about the ride from the CMHA:

At CMHA Kelowna we want to let anyone struggling in silence to know they are not alone. That’s why we are dedicating our Ride Don’t Hide event to the memory of two brothers in our community. The Payton and Dillon Budd Memorial Ride is a rallying point for us all: Anyone can experience poor emotional or mental health. Anyone can be at risk for thoughts of suicide. No one should have to hide or stay silent. On June 24th, join us and ride in plain sight to raise funds for programs and services in our community.

If you would like to sponsor my ride, follow this link to donate securely online: https://goo.gl/WnnSd3. Your help is much appreciated.

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