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Did you know you can create a Google Calendar event without opening Google Calendar?

Well, sure you did on an Android phone or tablet, right? You can use the Google Assistant or train your device to listen when you say, “Hey, Google.”

I knew that, too, and I do it all the time. But I found out that you can do this from your computer.

I don’t know why you would want to, but maybe your situation is such that opening one more browser tab to put an appointment in Google Calendar is just too much.

This is for the folks who wishes to appear incredibly productive and geeky at the same time:

  • Open your browser to the Google search page
  • Begin typing create appointment or make appointment for and continue typing the details
  • Press Enter to see what the event would look like
  • If you’re happy with what you see, click on Create event
  • If you want to change or edit something, click on Edit event

The event will show up on your calendar. I don’t know why it says it was created from an email, but leaving that aside, everything is just as you asked. (I believe you would need to be signed in to your Google account in your browser and in your Google Calendar.)

I’m not sure I’ll ever use this, but I am sure it will come in handy for some of you!

Was your data slurped up in the Facebook Cambridge Analytica debacle?

As I mentioned several weeks ago, at least 87 million Facebook users’ data was collected and sold without the users’ knowledge. Facebook, in addressing the scandal, says they intend to notify everyone affected.

I’m guessing that will take some time.

Meanwhile, if you want to see if your information was shared with Cambridge Analytica, Facebook is sending you here.

Are we there yet?

Last week’s column discussed the rollout of Spring Creators Update for Windows 10. This would have been a timely column except that Microsoft delayed the rollout.

It doesn't exactly give reasons, but sometimes offers clues, and this appears to be related to a couple of things that cause the update to fail catastrophically for a significant number of computers.

So, save the article for when you need it, sometime soon. They also don’t give exact dates. And apparently, they don’t care about MY deadlines! I’ll try to keep you posted.

A couple more things…

A giant THANK YOU to all who have already sponsored me in the Ride Don’t Hide event.

We’ve exceeded our original goal of $500 and are nearing the revised goal of $750. If you’d like to sponsor me in this June 24 event, you can make a secure online donation.

The ride raises money for the Canadian Mental Health Association.

And … I’m announcing my retirement effective June 30.

I’ve enjoyed writing this column since 2005 (!) and I’ve enjoyed corresponding with and working with so many of you.

There may be an opportunity to continue writing about technology, so watch for updates on that. Thank you for the awesome journey.

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