Relax! Chill! Take a break!

It’s time for a break from floods, fires, and current events. I hope you enjoy this collection of websites that will distract, entertain, and maybe even calm you.

Crazy Card Trick

It’s the same card trick over and over. And no, I don’t know how they do it. Go ahead, give it a try.

Rock Paper Scissors

Have you ever needed to settle something with a friend and found yourself, for some reason, completely without rocks, paper, or scissors? But with a smartphone or computer? Settle your dispute online here.  

(Just play the game. Don’t click on the ads.)

For Big Bang fans, there’s the Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock site.

Visit the site, send a link to your friend, and play all night. I tested from a computer’s Firefox browser and played against a friend with an iPad.

Everything worked great on both ends except that she beat the heck out of me.

Not familiar with this game? Instructions are on that page, or watch the video here.

Llamas make everything better

For no particular reason, I find this site hilarious. Llama Font is … a font made of llamas. Go here and type your message. See, it spelled out in llamas.

Click on the Save button to open your message in a new browser tab or window. You’ll be able to share it on Facebook, Tweet it, or copy the link and send it to someone.

They’ll see your message when they click that link. For example. Maybe it’s not as clear as a regular font, but it’s a conversation starter.

Do you love a rainy night?

The Rainy Mood website plays the sound of rain and distant thunder. If you love rain and distant thunder in the background of your life, point your browser there and turn up your speakers.

The creators also have Android and iOS apps. The Android app is highly rated and well reviewed, but a little pricey at $3.99.

The app includes several customizable “rain scenes” like Ocean and Café. You can use it as a sleep timer, and mix in the music you already have on your device.

The iOS version seems to include the same features and will work on iPhones and iPads. It goes for $2.99. You’ll find links to both versions right there on the website. And, of course, there’s a Facebook page.

Do Nothing

Sit still, listen to the ocean, and don’t touch anything for two minutes.

If you want to learn to meditate, the very best way to do that is with a real-life instructor.

If you want a meditation website or app, CalmStop Breathe Think; and Headspace are popular.

The most relaxing song in the world

Someone did a study and decided that Weightless by Marconi Union is the most relaxing song in the world.

I love it. I find it relaxing. There are different versions of different lengths. Read about the study if you like or just enjoy the music.


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