PDFs, photos, and planets

Print anything to a PDF in Windows 10. Google Photos will replace Picasa. Visit some planets. 

If you can print it, you can print it to PDF.

For years I’ve installed programs that allow me to print things to a PDF file. Bullzip Printer is my favourite.  I’ve also used CutePDF and PDFCreator.

Every version of Microsoft Office from 2007 on has included a choice to Save as… PDF, which is great if you’re saving a Microsoft Office document, spreadsheet, or publication. For anything else, those third-party programs were lifesavers.

But now Windows 10 provides us the built-in ability to turn any document or picture to a PDF file. From within any Windows 10 program, app, or browser, select Print, then the Microsoft Print to PDF printer. Adjust your print preferences as you normally would, then click on Print. Your picture, document or web page is now available as a PDF.

Google Photos is great but it’s not Picasa. And that’s too bad.

I’ve been experimenting with Google Photos. I like it on my Android Phone, but the web interface is harder for me to work with, and lacks some of the capabilities of the Android app. When I’m at a computer, I love Picasa, also from Google. Here’s the problem: Google has decided that it’s going to kill off Picasa. Of course, they said ‘retire’ not ‘kill off’, but I know what they mean. They mean kill off.

The Picasa blog explains that the desktop program called Picasa will continue to work but won’t be updated. We can still use it, and we can still use it to upload pictures to Google Photos, but soon we won’t be able to use it for Picasa Web Albums any more.

If you’re a heavy user of Picasa Web Albums, as I am, you’ll be interested to know that all the Picasa Web Album content is still available. We just have to use Google Photos to deal with it. And if we don’t like Google Photos? Well then, uh oh.

Google plans to create ‘a new place’ where we’ll be able to download, delete and view our Picasa Web Albums. We just can’t edit anything there. I have to wonder why they would bother.

All this and the timeframe for these changes is discussed in the blog post here. It’s interesting that the post is signed by the Head of Google Photos.


The Exoplanet Travel Bureau is open.

A planet outside our solar system is known as an exoplanet. NASA’s Kepler space telescope has made it possible for scientists to identify thousands of exoplanets, and NASA’s JPL Labs is having a little fun with the idea of exoplanetary travel. They’ve designed travel posters which are free to download, print and share.

These are high resolution files and they are huge, but they are just lovely. Everything is available as a PDF and TIFF file here. Some of them are available in jpg format for printing or for displaying on your screen. Check the flight times to your intended destination while you’re there, or maybe do an extreme planet makeover.

If you’d like to learn more about exoplanets, take a look at the JPL site here, or here

As for me, I’m off to turn up the WiFi network on PSO J318.5-22, where the nightlife never ends!

I welcome your comments and suggestions


Bullzip Free PDF Printer 


PDF Creator

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Exoplanets: Worlds beyond our solar system 

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