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Fall feast appreciation

To show appreciation for the Interim Housing Staff for both the work that they do within the community, and also the care they take to look out for Brightpath centere. No matter what the concerns are, they address it immediately. As neighbours in our community, Brightpath Centre wants to build on the partnership and help each other. As staff of a shelter, or Interim Housing as it is now, they often deal with negativity from the public and community. 

The work they do is incredibly challenging and often overlooked. Both the shelter and daycare are in the same field in terms of providing care and education to others. Brighpath staff do not have to deal with complaints and concerned citizens when they operate, as the Interim Housing staff do, so we wanted to give them a nice evening to know that we see the good in what they do and in how they work with us. 

Dinner was a lovely spaghetti and many of the staff made desserts and decorations for the room. Each staff member was offered a mini self care gift bag, and each resident of the shelter received a handmade toiletry bag filled with a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, tissues, gum, comb, deodorant and a wash cloth. The children made affirmation stones for the gift bags, as well as hand print flowers for the guests to take home. Enough food was made to send over to the shelter for their 40 residents to enjoy a spaghetti dinner as well.

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