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Toyota Makes a Big Splash

More children living in the Okanagan will have access to free swim lessons because of the generosity of Kelowna Toyota.
The YMCA of Okanagan Swims program was established in 2012 to ensure elementary aged children from School District #23 have equal opportunity to master the basic swim skills needed to be safe in and around the water. The program is funded by the Across the Lake Swim Society and donors like Kelowna Toyota.
“Drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death for children under the age of 15,” says Mark Fromberg of the Across the Lake Swim Society. “With the abundance of lakes, rivers and private pools in the Okanagan, it is our commitment to help prevent water-related injuries and fatalities. With this donation from Kelowna Toyota, we are able to continue to fund this program that ensures over 1,400 children a year will learn vital lifesaving water safety skills.”
“We've always been focused on local involvement and the positive impact families have in the community,” says Jamie Kaban, Kelowna Toyota General Manager. “A family memory all of us have at Kelowna Toyota is the experience of swimming lessons - whether it was as kids making that first lap across the pool or today as parents supporting from the sidelines, swimming lessons have brought our families and communities together. We're happy to make a big splash with this YMCA donation.”

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