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Casorso kids give back

"Mr. Beaudry’s grade six students, at École Casorso Elementary, kicked off their summer vacation by giving back to their community. As part of their grade six social studies curriculum, students were tasked with researching local charitable organizations and how they aid the social well-being of their community.

Through research and class discussions, students determined that, this year, they would support the Canadian Cancer Society. Through a one-day, flash bake-sale, students were able to raise $1058.00. As a result, their donation will cover the costs of a one-night stay, for 19 different individuals, at the Southern Interior Rotary Lodge.

By paying it forward, the students’ hope to relieve some of the financial burden for those experiencing a difficult time. Furthermore, through their act of kindness, they hope to inspire others, their age, to give back in order to create a strong and healthy community." 

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