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SPCA camp fosters empathy

The BC SPCA is continuing to offer summer programs and events for children to aid in developing healthy relationships with animals. 

“At camp, we provide opportunities for kids to interact with pets in a respectful, gentle and caring manner,” said Paula Neuman, humane education manager for the BC SPCA.

Kids learn about animal care and animal welfare issues through fun activities, group discussion questions and projects.

''Animals provide youth, particularly boys, with a chance to practice their nurturing skills and can act as early intervention to prevent violence and other antisocial behavior. We encourage kids to think about animals from an animal’s perspective,” says Neuman.

According to the SPCA animal abuse often coincides with child abuse and domestic partner violence in the home. Children who witness animal abuse have a higher risk of becoming abusers themselves.

Teaching children to be kind to animals can help create healthier communities by reducing levels of bullying and violence while promoting healthy interpersonal relationships.

The SPCA’s summer camps enrich the lives of 1,600 youth across the province every year.

Kids who want to learn even more about animals can join the BC SPCA Kids Club, sign up for the e-Kids newsletter or consider fostering an animal in need.

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