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Chatsworth donates to RSS

Residents of the Chartwell Chatsworth Retirement Residence love to support kids in the community. Over the past few years the Chatsworth community fundraisers have donated money to school programs and organizations that help support kids and youth.

This year the fundraising focus was on the Rutland Senior Secondary School Dance Program. Jennifer Skogstad the RSS dance teacher choreographed a wonderful evening of dance at the Chatsworth. Rick Worrall of the Rocky Mountain High Concert, donated his time to MC the event and also sing some very well received songs for the dancers to dance too. There were many Chatsworth Residents and outside guests who bought tickets to attend the performance. So along with the ticket sales and other fundraising efforts put on by the Chatsworth Residents, $1,629 was raised and all the money went towards the RSS dance program.

To round off the evening a resident of the Chatsworth by the name of Elisabeth Schneider who is 96 years old, gave all 22 RSS dancers a toque or scarf which she knitted in the RSS colours. The dancer’s smiles said it all. Then Miss Jennifer Skogstad was called up to receive a certificate and bouquet. The certificate read “A teacher who has made a difference”. “We didn’t want to just raise money for the dance program, we also want to celebrate a teacher and all teachers who go above and beyond what’s expected” which was said by Sarah Hemmett, the Chatsworth Activities Manager. “Jennifer is and has been an inspiration and an incredible role model to many young lives and we wanted to recognize that.” This was a wonderful evening where seniors and youth came together to really appreciate each others talents and show support no matter the age difference.

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