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Candy Cane Lane delivers

Candy Cane Lane is the go to spot in Rutland for a Christmas light display that is a delight for people of all ages. The people in this Rutland neighborhood, Collison Road, Gramiak Road and Mary Court, have
organized their Christmas light extravaganza for several years so that the entire community of Kelowna
can enjoy the sparkle of the season. In addition, these neighbors collect food products from the onlookers so that they can share with local charitable organizations.

This week, Damjan Madjar, the Candy Cane Lane organizer and the President of Drink E-Z Products Inc.
arrived at Freedom’s Door with a truck load of donated food. Freedom’s Door is an addiction recovery home for men which has operated in Kelowna for 16 years. Tom Smithwick, a volunteer Director and mentor, as well as several residents of Freedom’s Door, met with Damjan to help unload the enormous quantity of food. Tom stated, “We want to express our great appreciation to this Rutland neighborhood for their enormous generosity to all of Kelowna and to Freedom’s Door in particular. The donation of food is greatly appreciated as we rely so heavily on charitable donations in order to ensure that our recovery services are available in Kelowna for those who suffer from addiction issues.” Damjan responded with “It is a great pleasure for myself and my neighbors to contribute to our community. We also are so pleased to be a part of the good work of healing that is carried on through the addiction recovery and life skills training that is provided at Freedom’s Door. I believe that we all have a responsibility to assist the marginalized people in our community, so we are pleased to do our part.”

The food that was provided will be enjoyed by the 58 men who live in the homes of Freedom’s Door. The kitchen at Freedom’s Door prepares over 55,000 meals each year.

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