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Double your donation!

The Seniors Outreach & Resource Center wants every senior in Kelowna, British Columbia to enjoy their golden years, which is why The Seniors Outreach is participating in the GIVE65 Event – a 65-hour, online fundraising event hosted by Home Instead Senior Care Foundation of Canada.
You can give seniors hope in our community by donating $10 or more during the GIVE65 Event, July 10 – 12. Visit GIVE65.ca to learn more and make your donation today!
Starting now, we can accept prescheduled donations for our fundraising project in the GIVE65 Event, a program of Home Instead Senior Care Foundation of Canada.
The annual event runs from July 10 to 12, and allows organizations like ours the opportunity to raise funds online to help seniors in our local community.
Double your donation! 
We need your help to meet (and, hopefully exceed!) our $25,000.00 goal. The GIVE65 Incentive Fund has $35,000 in matching dollars, and we can receive up to $5,000 of that, but we need you to donate as soon as possible because once the matching dollars are gone, they’re no longer available! 
The funds we raise on GIVE65 will  be used for our Outreach Program to ensure a social worker is available to meet with seniors in their homes when age related changes prevent them from getting out in the community for help.
To make a gift, please visit https://www.give65.ca/outreachnavigator to make a secured, online gift. 
Your donation can help us win bonus grants, too! 
The first-ever GIVE65 Event in Canada also gives us the unique opportunity to compete with other organizations for an extra $2,500 in bonus grants. 
$2,500 will be awarded to the organization that raises the most money, and an additional $2,500 will be awarded to the organization with the greatest number of donors. 
We can only win one of these bonus grants, but it is $2,500! 
There are three levels of these bonus grants, which means we will be competing with organizations similar to us in size. Your gift can help us take home an additional $2,500! 
Once again, we can accept prescheduled gifts right now! Thank you for your support and belief in our mission to bring hope to seniors right here in Kelowna. 

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