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Kelowna firefighters donate

Kelowna Firefighters have come to the aid of children with mobility problems in the Central Okanagan. It
was an emotional moment as members of the Kelowna Fire Department made a significant donation to
help a special group of children at the Starbright Child Development Centre.

Recognizing the need the Firefighters provided the funds to purchase specialized therapeutic equipment for the physiotherapy department. The three mobility devices, each called an UPSEE, allow children who experience movement challenges to stand and move with the help of an adult. For a little child who has never been able to stand upright or to take a walk with their mom or dad, the UPSEE makes it happen.

Firefighter and Co-Chair of the “All Kids Matter” campaign for Starbright Jason Picklyk says, “We are just so happy that we could help! It is so humbling for our members to come here and see this piece of therapy
equipment that was purchased with the Charitable Society’s donation to Starbright, and to see and feel the
gratitude of those who will be able to use this equipment to help children with mobility challenges. That is what makes our Kelowna Professional Firefighter Charitable Society’s fundraising efforts so rewarding.”

The three specialized devices cost approximately $2500.00 and were brought in from Ireland. This week the Firefighters got to see the equipment. Three of the Starbright physiotherapists were present to thank them and provided a demonstration of how the devices work. It was all too much for an excited little preschooler gave one of our local heroes a big hug.

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