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Hospital Auxiliary donates

The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) received a generous $2500 donation from the Penticton Hospital Auxiliary, for a drinking fountain for Unity Clubhouse.

The new drinking fountain works by reverse osmosis and produces fresh cold water from a faucet in the
dining room of the Clubhouse. “Staff and clients are over the moon”, said Leah Schulting, Executive Director. It means that we do not have to drive to the store every week, and fill up 6-8 jugs of water. In addition, the new system is cleaner and will save the Clubhouse thousands of dollars per year.

Unity House serves nutritious meals seven days per week to people living with a mental illness. All meals
are prepared from scratch by staff and volunteers. Some of the meals on the menu plan this week are:
chef salad, borscht and a bun, fried rice and chicken stir fry.

About Unity Clubhouse
Unity Clubhouse provides social, recreational and educational programs for individuals living with a
mental illness. Unity House maximizes members’ independence, choice, promotes individual growth
and well-being. It is a safe and relaxed setting for people to come together. The clubhouse is open 7
days a week. Members volunteer to assist with the meals program that offers lunch daily and dinners
twice a week.

About CMHA
Founded in 1918, the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) is the most established, most
extensive community mental health organization in Canada. Through a presence in hundreds of
neighbourhoods across every province, CMHA provides advocacy and resources that help to prevent
mental health problems and illnesses, support recovery and resilience, and enable all Canadians to
flourish and thrive. Visit the CMHA website at www.cmha.ca.

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