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Assisting in the Caribou

The Salvation Army Central Okanagan has been requested to give assistance in the Caribou to the Gustafsen Wildfire. 

Sonia Withers, Community Ministry Coordinator, is leading the team. "We never know exactly what we will be asked to do," she states. "We come prepared for anything. We can cook meals from the truck, distribute water to front line workers or set up shelter, tables and chairs for community members that need to take a rest. We also have no idea where we will be staying so we come with cots, bedding, our own snacks and assume we need to be independent."

The Emergency Disaster Truck and Trailer is a fully equipped kitchen. The trailer has a generator, tents, tables, chairs and cases of water. Once the team arrives in the Caribou and receives their assignment, they will set up and begin working.

"We are ready to help," states Patty Lou Bryant, Communications Coordinator. "In May we were feeding the front line workers that were sandbagging during the flood. Now we could be feeding the fire fighters in 100 Mile House or bringing water to the Reception Centre for those being evacuated. We are are part of the entire BC community and living out our motto--Giving Hope Today."

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