Elementary & high school students have an election of their own

Young students hold vote

Over a million elementary and high school students took part in Student Vote Canada 2019, a mock vote about the federal election.

Students from across the country cast their ballot for the riding where their school is after learning about the issues and platforms for each party.

The Liberal party won 110 seats, forming a minority government.

The NDP is the official opposition with 99 seats.

The Conservatives won 94 seats, the Greens 28 and the Bloc won 9.

The popular vote tells a bit of a different story, and it was as follows:

  • Conservative: 25.1%
  • NDP: 24.8%
  • Liberal: 22.3%
  • Green: 18.2%
  • Bloc Québecois: 1.3%

Student Vote Canada had 7,855 schools participating, with results from 338 ridings.

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