Federal Election 2015  

Fuhr's supporters elated

UPDATE 10:35 P.M.

The Liberal crowd was nothing less than elated as they donned red and jumped up and down in excitement as their candidate – Stephen Fuhr – became the first Liberal MP-elect in Kelowna in over 60 years. 

Fuhr took the Kelowna-Lake Country riding with 47 per cent of the vote. 


Stephen Fuhr and his Liberal Party supporters are quite literally bouncing with excitement in Kelowna tonight, as the election is being called for Justin Trudeau as Canada’s next prime minister.

Shortly after 7 p.m., Fuhr’s election-night event, held at Hannah’s Pub, was starting to fill up as supporter after supporter entered the room wearing red and cheering.

As media called a Liberal majority, the crowd erupted in cheers and high-fives.

“It was truly great, a great feeling. I didn’t think they were going to blank out the Maritimes like that, really and truly. But, when I saw that, I knew it was a Liberal majority government,” said a smiling Joe Iafrancesco.

“In so many ways I was not surprised, but I was still super, super excited and even more I was relieved,” said Rose Sexsmith while bouncing. “Because I was hoping for change, and this is it. We got it!”

While the group is confident a win in Kelowna is possible for Steven Fuhr, they are aware Kelowna has traditionally voted blue.

“I do believe it is doable. The polls are not in yet, but I do feel very comfortable, very positive. In the previous campaign I didn’t feel this positive, and at this time I feel like it is a done deal,” added Iafrancesco.

“Kelowna has been blue, but I don’t think anyone is thinking of it as voting against Ron Cannan, who we all love. This is the first time ever we have voted thinking federally,” explained Sexsmith.

The group of Liberal supporters were quick to point out that this time their voting was based on federal policies.

“It is not anti-Ron, we love Ron. It is anti-Harper,” said Sexsmith.

“I am so excited. I have always voted Conservative, but tonight I am wearing a red suit,” says Brenda Lyall who was a long time Conservative supporter and voter before this campaign, but said it was time for change.

“I am just not happy with what is going on federally.”

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