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NDP, Greens victorious in defeat

Ron Cannan may have taken nearly 57 per cent of the vote in Kelowna-Lake Country, but his opponents feel they have achieved their own victories as well.

NDP Tisha Kalmanovitch says an orange surge locally translated into a major victory for the party nationally.

Despite the win for Cannan, voters in Kelowna showed they wanted change, says Kalmanovitch.

"Even in Kelowna there are enough people that are ready to stand up and say they want change."

Kalmanovitch says hoping for a majority government would have been a bit far-fetched and while working with Prime Minister Stephen Harper may be difficult, the opposition NDP will provide a much needed balance.

"I'm very sad that Mr. Harper is going to be the Prime Minister for another four years, but now that we have the NDP we will be able to provide a very, very strong counter balance to the direction that Mr. Harper wants to take. People want to see more social justice and they want to see more environmental justice," says Kalmanovitch.

Green Party candidate Alice Hooper says the votes for the NDP hurt the Green Party's chances.

"I think some people are voting strategically to try get Conservatives out," says Hooper.

Hooper finished in fourth place in Kelowna-Lake Country with 5,265 votes.

It was Hooper's first time in the political arena -- an experience she says was nerve wracking, but rewarding.

"I've been stretched beyond what I thought I was capable of. I'm a politician now I guess, it's been a great experience."


Tisha Kalmanovitch


Alice Hooper

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