Federal Election  

Conservatives win majority

It was a historic night in Canadian politics.

On a night when Stephen Harper's Conservative Party won a comfortable majority government, Canadians witnessed the meteoric rise of the NDP and near decimation of the Liberals and Bloc Quebecois.

Jack Layton led the NDP to opposition status with a whopping 102 seats, 65 more than they had when parliament was dissolved six weeks ago.

The Liberal's under Michael Ignatieff ended the night with their worst finish in history -- third with a mere 34 seats.

They also collected just 18.9 per cent of the popular vote.

Ignatieff also suffered defeat in his own riding of Etobicoke-Lakeshore.

He stepped down as leader of the Liberal Party Tuesday morning.

Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe also stepped down as party leader Monday night after the Bloq managed to hold on to only four seats in Quebec.

That's 45 seats less than 2008.

Duceppe also was defeated in his own riding.

Canada's 41st Parliament will also include the first Green Party MP.

Green Party leader Elizabeth May upset Tory Gary Lunn in Saanich-Gulf Islands by a comfortable margin of more than 7,000 votes.

Unofficially, the Conservatives won 167 seats, the NDP 102, Liberals 34, Bloc 4 and Green Party 1.

155 seats are required to form a majority.

National voter turnout was expected to reach about 62 per cent.

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