Federal Election  

Gospel Mission helps get voters out

Like millions of voters across Canada who are preparing to vote, clients at Kelowna's Gospel Mission are doing the same.

Community Relations representatives from Elections Canada were on hand at the Gospel Mission Tuesday to help clients register for the May 2nd Federal Election.

For most Canadians, bringing your voter registration card or photo ID with address to a polling station will enable you to vote.

However, many clients of the Gospel Mission do not have a fixed address, or valid ID. Gospel Mission Case Workers and Elections Canada staff helped clients with an "Attestation of Residence" that proves their residence at the Mission.

Like most places, there are varying opinions from the clients at the Gospel Mission.

Doug says "You must vote - if you don't, you can't complain. There are no issues that really stand out for me, I have a number of blanket concerns."

Duane, who recently arrived in Kelowna to enter a treatment facility says "since I am starting my rehab, health care is a big concern for me. Also jobs, as I want to get back to work. It's hard though, I really don't see any one politician caring about us, really. They only care about their friends. They never do what they say they will."

Before 2000, homeless Canadians who wanted to vote and did not have a fixed address or valid ID would've been turned away.

Now, with the Gospel Mission's help, their clients can exercise their right to vote on May 2nd. 

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