Swollen Members at Gotcha's

It will be a little bit of a homecoming when Swollen Members takes the stage in Kelowna later this month.

The members of the Canadian hip hop group lived in Kelowna for a period of time while working on their upcoming album Armed to the Teeth.

“It was a little bit like a hip hop version of the Partridge Family,” says SM vocalist and songwriter Prevail. “We were all living together in this house, creating music.”

“We were really focused on recreating our sound and we really drew off each other's creative energy. Being in such close quarters really strengthened our dynamic. We were pretty close to begin with, having spent so much time touring and working together over the last ten plus years, and we thought there was nothing new we could possibly learn about each other. But when you put people together like that, you'd be surprised at what you learn!”

Prevail says the tour they are undergoing in September is a chance for them to continue to spread the group's main message to aspiring musicians.

“Our constant message has always been that you have 'do it if you love it and love it if you do it.' And to follow your dreams you have to follow your heart, but you have to be prepared for some hard work.”

He says every show is well balanced between songs from their albums.

“Generally we do about three songs from each of our albums. Some songs just have such a good rhythm and follow each other nicely, so we often play them in the same order.”

Previal says he is looking forward to the fact that this tour will take them to smaller venues across B.C, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

“When you are in larger venues, you definitely get the larger production values, and the audience's energy can spread like a wildfire, but it can be overwhelming. There is no instant access to the fans because they are so far away. In smaller venues, it is easier to communicate with the crowd. Our fans have always been straight and up front with us. When we try out new material and have the chance to talk to some of them after the show, they tell us what they think and that is very helpful.”

JayWho Productions presents Swollen Members at Gotcha's NightClub in Kelowna on September 16. Tickets are available online.

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