Book answers adopted kids' questions

A local Okanagan author is taking her personal experiences with adoption and offering a way to communicate to children going through the same thing.

Ola Zuri was adopted when she was a child by a family with a different skin colour than hers.

She says although she always felt loved, she always had a vague feeling of being out of place within her adopted family.

Her first book, released earlier this year, titled 'Why Can't You Look Like Me?' talked about fitting in at school from a child's perspective.

Her second book, released this month, titled 'Where Do I Belong?' takes the same tone in dealing with some of the issues and concerns surrounding inter-racial adoptions.

“I think it's important that kids have some literature out there that addresses these feelings they may have. This book tells them that it is okay to feel out of place,” says Zuri.

She says although her books are geared to children, they come with a Q&A section that is helpful to parents in starting conversations with their child about some sensitive subjects.

“As kids grow up, they will have different sorts of questions related to their adoption, to how they fit in. I'm working on the rest of the series which will grow along with the kids, hopefully answering the questions they will have as they get older.”

Zuri, a mother of five, says the feedback she has received from her first book has been very positive.

'Where Do I Belong?' is available at the Chapters in Orchard Park Shopping Centre, online at Amazon.com and at Mosaic Books, where Zuri will be doing a book signing this Friday starting at 10 a.m.

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