Survivor: Double Tribal Council

On last night's episode of "The Apprentice," Donald Trump didn't have a difficult decision in the boardroom, as Jennifer C. seemed to need no help in convincing the Donald to get rid of her. Jennifer took Stacy R. and Elizabeth into the boardroom with her, which was an extremely transparent move as neither girl contributed to the team's loss. Both Carolyn and Bill Rancic, who was filling in for George, pointed out that Jennifer was basing her decision on something personal and not professional. Donald Trump came to an easy decision.

Is the Donald having second thoughts about jettisoning one of his contestants on "The Apprentice"? We hear that Stacie J., the Ford model and Harlem Subway shop owner who was iced out by fellow females on the show, may be unfired. An NBC rep wouldn't confirm, but slyly noted, "I can say the show will feature a lot more surprises and twists as we get closer to the finale."

Here’s your Survivor preview: Post-Tribal Council fallout leaves one castaway feeling the heat from fellow tribe members. At another tribe, differing work ethics and personalities lead to a clash between two castaways. Both tribes are shocked when they gather for a Challenge and are told at the end of the day there will be a double Tribal Council. A twist at the end of the Challenge puts one castaway in a very influential position.

If you thought blondes had the market on dumb cornered, here's a tidbit about the very brunette KATHY IRELAND. The supermodel said that when she came to the Big Apple from Santa Barbara, California in 1980, she went to her Ford agency tryouts dressed in Asian clothes. Why? Because she'd heard that they were celebrating Yom Kippur and she thought he was a hot Japanese fashion designer. Just in case you, too, were having a blonde moment, Yom Kippur is the Jewish Day of Atonement.

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