Brian Cranston planning career break in 2026

Cranston planning a break

Brian Cranston is planning to step away from acting in 2026.

The 'Breaking Bad' star is going to shut down his production company, sell his half of mezcal business Dos Hombres and step out of the spotlight to move overseas, likely to France, with his spouse Robin Dearden for at least six months in order to "level out" his marriage.

He explained to the Summer issue of British GQ magazine: “I want to change the paradigm once again.

"For the last 24 years, Robin has led her life holding onto my tail. She’s been the plus one, she’s been the wife of a celebrity. She’s had to pivot and adjust her life based on mine.

"She has tremendous benefit from it, but we’re uneven. I want to level that out. She deserves it.”

The 67-year-old actor in his wife plan to move to a small village, learn the local language and lead a simple life of cooking and gardening.

Brian said: “I want to have that experience. I want to go for day trips and have the fire in the fireplace and drink wine with new friends and not read scripts.

"It’s not going to be like, ‘Oh, I’ll read and see what I’m going to do.’ No, it’s a pause. It’s a stop. I won’t be thinking about [work]. I’m not going to be taking phone calls.”

Before he steps away, Brian is hoping to work on a 'Malcolm in the Middle' reunion project.

He said: “I’m curious about that family 20 years later, what happened to them? Where are they? What are the kids doing? They’re grown men now.”

The 'Your Honor' actor believes one of the best things he's done for his relationship is regular couples' therapy.

He said: “My wife and I have been going to therapy together since before we were married. I look at it like the warning light going off on your dashboard. It’s telling you, ‘You might want to pay attention to this.’

"I love my wife, and we want to go the distance, but I want to do it in a healthy way, I don’t want to just be with her. I don’t want to just have the two of us go into a restaurant and no one says a word.”

Bryan Cranston will be speaking at the GQ Heroes conference in association with BMW, taking place at Soho Farmhouse, Oxfordshire from the 19 - 21 of July.

The summer issue of GQ is on sale on 13 June, and read the interview with Brian at https://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/article/bryan-cranston-interview-2023.

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