'I've got some weird stories!' Jenna Ortega surprised by Wednesday fandom

Fandom surprises Ortega

Jenna Ortega has had some "weird" experiences because of 'Wednesday'.

The 20-year-old actress stars in the title role of the hit Netflix series - which serves as a spin-off to 'The Addam Family' franchise - and explained that the show had a "much wider" reach than she thought it would but has endured some strange encounters when travelling, including a recent one which saw a flight attendant change her hair to match that of her famous character.

Speaking during The Hollywood Reporter's Comedy Actress Roundtable, she said: 'Wednesday' has a much wider audience than I anticipated, at least agewise, so it’s older people and younger people. But I’ve had a couple of weird plane stories, where I’ve woken up to notes or things like that. I got off one yesterday, and at the end, the flight attendant took her hair down out of the bun and it was in two braids and she took her bangs down and she said, 'You made me do this.'"

Jenna went on to add that she started her career in commercials and later came to prominence when she starred in the Disney Channel series 'Stuck in the Middle' but had really wanted to make the move to film before 'Wednesday' came along and jumped at the chance so she could represent her heritage with the "legendary" character.

She said: "When I first started acting, I was only allowed to do commercials because I had no connection to the industry, and then I was only allowed to do TV. Only recently was I able to start getting into the film world, and so the idea of jumping onto another show, when I had done so much TV already, was something I [didn’t necessarily] want. My goal has always been film, so I was trying to focus on that. But then this was a character that was so legendary and so bada**— it’s also the most well-known role I’ve ever taken, and [it was a chance to give] Latin representation to a character who has never really been shown in that light.

"And actually, when I was younger, I did this show where I referred to myself as “the Wednesday of the family” because there were seven kids and I was in the middle. I remember telling my mom at the time, “Oh my God, I’d love to play Wednesday Addams. But when would that opportunity ever come?” And then it came."

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