Kim Cattrall reprises Samantha Jones role for 'And Just Like That'

Cattrall reprises Samantha

Kim Cattrall will appear in the second season of 'And Just Like That'.

The 66-year-old actress - who has been locked in a feud with former co-star Sarah Jessica Parker for years - has reportedly reprised her 'Sex and the City' role of Samantha Jones for the finale of the upcoming season of the HBO Max spin-off.

However, according to Variety, Kim will only appear in one scene and she shot her dialogue in New York City on March 22 without seeing or speaking to any of the rest of the cast or showrunner Michael Patrick King.

In Kim's cameo, Samantha - who has moved to London - will have a phone conversation with Sarah Jessica's Carrie Bradshaw, after season one saw the characters exchange text messages and make a plan to see one another.

While legendary 'SATC' costume designer Patricia Field hasn't been working on 'And Just Like That', she dressed Kim for her scene.

Last June, showrunner Michael confirmed Samantha would be part of a story in season two, but at the time Kim wasn't expected to return.

Asked if Samantha and Carrie would be in contact in the next set of episodes, he told Variety: "Yes!"

The two characters met off-screen during the finale after Carrie scattered Mr. Big's ashes, and Michael admitted each writer on the show "has a different version of what happened" during their reunion.

He said: "It’s very funny, because every single one of the writers has a different version of what happened during that conversation.

“So, I think there was some Champagne. I think there was a grownup back and forth, and a love affair that they realised that something’s more important than being afraid to heal.

"I’m sure they had a great night. To me, they had a great night and things became resolved. Once Carrie let go of an old, old love, one of her current loves came back in.”

Kim previously claimed she only found out about 'And Just Like That...' when fans did.

She insisted: “I was never asked to be part of the reboot. I made my feelings clear after the possible third movie, so I found out about it like everyone else did — on social media.”

Kim has been locked in a feud with her former co-star Sarah for several years and she insisted she never considered her castmates to be her friends.

She said of their relationship: “I guess it’s how you define friends. I think we were colleagues. My colleagues aren’t my friends. It was professional.”

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