Jay Leno finds 'strength' in comedy following burns accident

Leno glad to be back

Jay Leno found a "strength" in his comedy following his burns accident.

The 72-year-old star who is also an avid car collector - suffered major burns after one of his vehicles burst into flames while he was in his garage after a "fuel leak" caused an explosion, but returned to the stage on Sunday just two weeks later having undergone skin graft surgery at the Grossman Burn Center.

Following the gig, he told ExtraTV: "What gave me the strength?!? I’m a comedian. There is no strength — you just tell stupid jokes. I felt the love though. And the doctors and nurses were terrific. We’ve got to do a benefit for that hospital!"

Earlier in the evening, the former 'Tonight' host had cracked jokes centered around the incident, joking that the media had "got it all wrong" and incorrectly reported that he had in fact been hit over the head by Democratic politician Nancy Pelosi but also quipped that his burns had been caused by hot potato chips.

Speaking during his gig at The Comedy and Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, California he said: "Stay away from the Flamin’ Hot Doritos — that’s what caused all this! The National Enquirer got the story all wrong. They said I was in the hospital because Nancy Pelosi hit me in the head with a hammer — that’s not what happened! We got two shows tonight, regular and extra crispy. I never thought of myself as a roast comic — thank you, thank you, good night!"

According to 'Entertainment Tonight', Jay, who was accompanied by his wife Mavis, was greeted by a 'Welcome Back Jay' sign.

Arsenio Hall, who opened for Jay, quipped: "No comic would leave the Grossman burn centre, and do standup Sunday in Hermosa!

"I lost my big toe nail after someone stepped on my foot at the Super Bowl last year. I cancelled three standup dates after that."

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