Thunderclouds and fire smoke dance to create spectacular Kelowna sunset

Photos: Lightning in sunset

It was one of those sunsets so dramatic, entire neighbourhoods stepped outside for a few minutes to bask in its glory.

A blazing-red sunset lit up the Okanagan on Thursday night while thunderclouds and smoke from the Keremeos Creek wildfire drifted north.

Wildfire smoke and thunderstorms, each of their own, are known to produce spectacular red sunsets — on Thursday both were in play.

Particles from wildfire smoke are larger than air molecules and better at scattering yellow to red wavelengths of sunlight. Those fiery colours are visible when the sun is near the horizon and its rays have to travel a greater distance through the smoke.

At the same time, thunderstorms often leave behind mid and high level clouds — creating an ideal canvas for the sun’s rays.

These are some of the most dramatic reader photos of Thursday night’s sunset. A few particularly lucky photographers managed to capture lightning bolts within the sunset.

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