Coldplay's Chris Martin wants to perform on the moon

Coldplay on the moon?

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin wants to perform on the moon – but isn't sure if anyone will be able to hear him.

The 44-year-old British singer would love to take his band into space for an exclusive live performance on the moon, although no-one would be able to hear it because space is a vacuum with no sound.

He told The Zach Sang Show, hosted on YouTube: "Not many people have done it, that's true. But isn't there an issue that if you play on the moon no one can actually hear? I am ­confused about the atmosphere.

"We would try anything twice. I don't mind any ridicule as I just speak what feels true to me. That is what we all have to do."

Meanwhile, Chris recently said Coldplay's upcoming album was inspired by Star Wars, after he sat down to watch the hit sci-fi movies and was left wondering what music on other planets sounds like.

He said: "One time I was watching Star Wars and they had the scene with the Cantina band, right? And I was like: 'I wonder what musicians are like across the universe?' and that led to this whole thing and now here we are."

Coldplay recently dropped the music video for their new single Higher Power, which sees the band perform on the planet of Kaotica, which is "populated by robot dogs, giant holograms and a street-gang of dancing aliens."

Chris confirmed the whole album will be set on the fictional planet.

He added: "It led us to imagining this whole other place called 'the spheres,' which is like a group of planets, like a solar system with lots of different places and creatures and stuff.

"And what I found is when you've imagined a place like that, you can sort of become any artist within that.

"It's a very freeing thing to take yourself out of Coldplay and just think: OK, I'm not even human, what does music sound like?"

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