New American Idol Judge?

American Idol returns in January for its 4th season, with a few changes: the age limit for contestants has been raised by two years, to 28 -- the minimum age remains 16. The biggest change is there'll be one additional celebrity judge: according to Paula Abdul, they've narrowed it down to two finalists (and the word "celebrity" may not be appropriate). It's between Marvin Aday (better known as "Meat Loaf") and David Lee Roth.

Tom Cruise, Jamie Foxx, and Jada Pinkett Smith were in Harlem yesterday to kick off the Urbanworld Film Festival with the premiere of their latest film, Collateral. Cruise plays a hitman who catches a cab -- driven by Foxx -- to go kill people. The film opens tomorrow. While you're waiting, check out Tom and Jamie on tonight's edition of Primetime Thursday on ABC. Diane Sawyer covers a whole range of topics with Cruise, including the tabloid media and his kids.

Having sung about "shooting the sheriff," Eric Clapton is now fooling the deputy - at least the one who pulled him over for speeding in England this summer in his Ferrari. Noting the rock legend's name on the driver's license, the officer asked: "So, Mr. Clapton, what do you do for a living to have such a nice car?" Sheepishly, the "Layla" rocker answered: "I'm in the music business." But that isn't the whole truth anymore. Clapton bought a 50% stake in the venerable London clothier Cordings, to save the purveyor of tweed and wool from extinction. He now serves as design director of the store - his favorite brand - and is helping it launch a women's line.

The New York Post reports that Rory Cochrane's days on CSI: Miami are numbered. According to fan website csifiles.com, the actor, who plays Tim "Speed" Speedle, will be killed off in the first episode of the new season. Speed and David Caruso's character, Horatio, get into a gunfight with the bad guys while investigating a kidnapping at a Miami jewelry shop. Speed will be killed in the fray. It's a well-known fact that one of the characters would be leaving the show, but the identity of the person has been a well-guarded secret. Word has it that Cochrane wanted out, anyway.

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