Shatner too tired for Kirk

William Shatner is too "exhausted" to even think about reprising his Captain Kirk role for a new Star Trek series.

Following the success of CBS All Access show Star Trek: Picard, fans had been wondering whether or not Shatner could revisit Kirk for a new spinoff series - despite the fact that Kirk actually died in 1994 movie Star Trek: Generations.

And while a Kirk return could prove something of a head-scratcher for Star Trek writers, Shatner also told Rolling Stone that he has no interest in taking on another TV series gig.

"I filmed a commercial yesterday and it took 12 hours," he told the outlet. "I got home and fell into bed. I got up this morning to do these interviews and I'm exhausted. I don't know what Patrick is going to do to film the way a series takes it out of you. A series is 14 hours a day and then on the weekend you're doing publicity. It's all your time. I'm having a good time and I have time to ride my horses and pay attention to my family, so I'd never do another series like that."

William is also fast approaching his 90th birthday, which falls on March 22. But the actor isn't planning a big bash to celebrate, as he commented: "I just want to keep breathing. I'm going to celebrate breathing."

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