Stars dine with lonely senior

Newlywed country stars Michael Ray and Carly Pearce invited a lonely diner to enjoy a meal with them on Thanksgiving Day.

The pair was enjoying an evening out at a Cracker Barrel restaurant when they noticed an 89-year-old man named Bill eating alone at a nearby table, and decided to invite him to join them.

"We saw him sitting alone and asked if he would like to sit and have Thanksgiving dinner with us, not knowing the blessing he was going to be," Ray wrote on Instagram alongside a shot of the three. "We sat and for four hours listened to Bill's 89-year story, learned about his four years servicing in the army and about his wife Alice, that passed away two years ago."

The get together ended up lasting so long, they closed out the eatery together.

"(We) learned about his love of books, the stars and classical music and so many other incredible things, until we looked around and he said 'I think we are the only ones here,'" Ray continues.

Pearce also marked the occasion on the social media site, writing "Thank you God for all the blessings and for my sweet husband who loves these moments as much as I do. My heart is so full," she shared.

The two also revealed they plan to keep in touch with their new pal.

Ray added, "He put so much in perspective for us both. Bill and us now have dinner plans in Jan (sic)."

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