When life gets in the way...

A Kelowna author and journalist's book is the latest in a series for reluctant readers.

David Trifunov's teen fiction novel Free Runner is a story of overcoming obstacles. Literally.

It follows the story of 14-year-old Patrick, who steals a pair of headphones and sets off a journey he’ll never forget.

Chased by a police officer, Patrick dodges traffic and climbs construction fences until he spills on some soft gravel. The officer sees something in the boy, and convinces the store manager to let him handle his punishment. In exchange for not pressing charges, Patrick must train with the officer for 12 weeks in a sport called parkour.

The book follows Patrick’s journey as he learns to navigate a new sport, new friendships and a new city. Along the way, there's teenage angst, and love.

Some people call parkour urban gymnastics, and its popularity is skyrocketing. 

“I’ve tried to match the book’s pace with real-life parkour,” Trifunov says. “I’m hopeful Free Runner’s action makes it difficult for kids to put down.”

“When I pick up my kids at school, I see more and more kids running and jumping over things talking about parkour,” Trifunov adds. “What kid doesn’t love the idea of being a stuntman or running up walls like a superhero?”

Free Runner is his third book for reluctant readers. It’s written for Lorimer’s Sports Stories series and features characters, plots and settings designed to hook kids who don’t like to read or help those with difficulties reading.

It's available in bookstores or by visiting davidtrifunov.ca.

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